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since 1993

since 1993. A family brand with a renewed classic style, which has been seeking elegance in its collections, exclusivity in each design and differentiated treatment to families for more than 25 years.

La historia de una marca con vocación internacional

Designed in Spain for the world

The history of a brand with an international vocation and presence in 14 countries.

Ayer, hoy, siempre

Words that take on meaning and turn each piece into a small treasure that can be used over time.

Timelessness and quality

The quality of all its designs creates collections that maintain a timeless seal of timelessness. Garments that last over time and promote Responsible Consumption thanks to fabrics such as organic cotton, wool, linen and batik.

The neck&neck dress

Thanks to its design, pattern and elegance, it has become an icon of the brand in classic and contemporary closets.

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